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When to Climb Kilimanjaro-Climbing Kilimanjaro on any month when the rain the summit become colder you will need cold clothes for Kilimanjaro climbing.

Due to Kilimanjaro proximity to equator it is possible to climb Kilimanjaro all year round. However, there are two main Kilimanjaro trekking seasons – January to March and June to October. The first season is usually colder than the second but is also regularly tranquility.

When to Climb Kilimanjaro

When to Climb Kilimanjaro?

June to October is the busiest and crowded months on the Mount Kilimanjaro as it corresponds with summer holiday period in North America and Europe.

The months of April, May and November are the wettest season and not recommended for trekking, however you do you will need special gears especially for cold. December is fast becoming a popular season, despite being very cold on the summit. Snow cover on the Mount Kilimanjaro is highest during November to May.

Before you attempt the gorgeous Kilimanjaro treks you may have booked your flight, purchased all the items you will need for your Kilimanjaro treks, self preparation and a lot more…. But you may be asking yourself some questions to accomplish your dreams for Kilimanjaro trekking, below are some:

  • When to Climb Kilimanjaro/best time for trekking Kilimanjaro?
  • Which is the best route up to the summit of Kilimanjaro?
  • How much will I pay for Kilimanjaro trekking?
  • Can I combine Kilimanjaro trek with Safari or Zanzibar?
  • Can I join a group or do it private

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