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Serengeti Safari Packages – complete guides to Serengeti national park Safaris Including northern, southern and central Serengeti. Contact us in Tanzania and book a dream Serengeti safari led by professional experienced safari guides.

Serengeti or Masai Mara?
Going to Kenya for Migration safari will actually cost you, it will be a new safari DESTINATION the same like how you are planning for Tanzania considering that Masai Mara is small in size and since the migration arrives and stays only one month there, most people like to visit the park in October to see high concentration of migrating herds hence Masai Mara to be expensive place to be in the month of October.

Serengeti Safari Packages

Which Animal Migrate?
When talking about MIGRATION, everyone’s image will go to Wildebeests because about 2 million strong wildebeests migrate each year between Kenya and Tanzania dotted by Zebras followed by Thomson and Grant’s gazelles and behind them are waiting predators such lions, cheetah and Hyenas which limp around to bait for the killings.

Will there be Hunting?
During migrating the hunting is common since some migrants will be weakened by the long journey as a result not meeting the migration plights and start wandering which attracts the lion and other predators to pull down while other wanderers will end up in the Crocodile’s waiting widen mouth full of pointed teeth.

Can I visit Serengeti when migration is absent?
Even when the migration is absent, Serengeti has a lot to offer, there are resident animals including wildebeest and zebras, not all animals can migrate, some wildebeest and zebras cannot meet the demand of movement, so they will remain on the plains especially in central Serengeti. In Serengeti you can expect to see most animals (if not all available in) except wild dogs which are few in number making observation hard. We recommend traveling in dry months when the bushes are shorter building chances for scanning.

3 Day Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari

When is the best time for Serengeti Safari Packages?
It is possible to visit Serengeti all year round, I have provided you with advance and disadvantage of each season-June or July offer the great views as the bushes are short and animals gather in the water holes making spotting easier.

Best time to visit Serengeti.

  • January and February – for the wildebeest calving (babies),
  • June to September – for general wildlife viewing with a chance of seeing the wildebeest crossing of the Grumeti River
  • July – The Serengeti will be crowded around the Central areas
  • April and May – low season – no crowd
  • June to October – Little to no rainfall, this is the best time
  • March and April – Peak of wet season, best hotel rates but long bushes and some areas are not accessible.

In General June to October is the Dry Season and best months to visit Tanzania and November to May is Wet Season and the most interesting thing is wildebeest calving in Late January to February.

Serengeti Safari Packages: Where to stay
The Serengeti has a large range of lodging, varying from luxury hotels to small budget lodges. The Serengeti is most famous however for its mobile tented camps and light weight safari camps that efficiently move with the Migration herds. There are a number of these mobile camps operating in the Serengeti, please contact us for our favorite camps. If the idea of going for mobile camps is a little too adventurous then contact us for our favorite luxury lodges like Sopa Lodges recommended for people travelling with young children and wanting to be central with good year round safari viewing.

 If this information for Serengeti Safari Packages did not meet what your are looking for, lease contact us for more information.