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A continuing Serengeti safari seeing Wildebeest Migration moving from one area to other following the wildebeest migration safari routes starting in the southern Serengeti after calving season to Northern side of the Serengeti through the western and central areas on the way to Kenya’s Maasai Mara before they put a second leg to Serengeti on the way to southern plains for calving and new cycle.  If you have few days for safari in Tanzania and need an exciting Serengeti safari this tour to Serengeti will give you an experience of life time where you will include Ngorongoro crater in your Serengeti safari itinerary.

Serengeti Safari

On this page, we have listed all the information you will need for your tour in Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro and Tanzania in general, we have provided accurate information which are up to date considering the movement of the wildebeest migration and timing of seeing this world’s greatest animal shows.

Best time for safaris in Serengeti national park.

It is possible to visit Serengeti all year round as the park offer fantastic wildlife viewing on any day of the year but some places are not accessible during the wet season  thus decrease chances of seeing the wildlife.

The direct flight into Kilimanjaro airport (JRO) is preferred instead of flying to Nairobi where you will pay for unnecessary Visa to enter Kenya or Dar es Salaam where you will have to connect a flight to Kilimanjaro.

We have and maintain our own safari vehicles; we check each vehicle after every safari to make sure that every trip is successful operated taking into account the safety and comforts.

Serengeti Safaris

The cars have the following features:

  • Spacious refrigerator inside
  • Radio waves system
  • GPS-tracker
  • Ergonomic, customizable seats with belts
  • Complete repair kit
  • First aid Medical kit
  • Powerful pair of Binoculars
  • Guide books of Animals, Birds and Trees of Africa
  • Tubeless tires – perfect for comfortable cruising through the Tanzanian savannah! Seven seats are available (the cars are convertible to eight-seat safari cruisers, if a refrigerator is removed)

All safari Jeeps are equipped with:

  • Guide books of Animals, Birds and Trees
  • Powerful Binoculars

Serengeti Safari tours

You do not need to go shopping and pack many clothes for Africa; Tanzania does not experience summer or winter weather due to its proximity to equator, the region experiences dry and wet/rain season instead. You will need long sleeve sweat shirt and warm jacket and trousers for the morning and evenings. In Serengeti you may also encounter tsetse flies from which if you are injected you may experience sleeping sickness, so we advise to bring insect repellent (possible to buy in Arusha-$5 per spray which is enough for the whole trip).

The Serengeti monthly maximum temperatures are relatively uniform throughout the year being constant around (27°C to 28°C). So you can imagine what types of clothes you need for Serengeti.

We suggest you to bring warm clothes (one or two sweat shirts) as the nights at the lodge before overnight and mornings as you go early for the animal viewing tend to be colder (not freezing), we recommend this for comfort in case but sometimes you will find yourselves not using the warm clothes is Serengeti at all. The hotel rooms are comfortable enough for the cold nights stay, In Ngorongoro they warm up (conditioning) the rooms due to the nature of the place that is very cold.

To enter Tanzania you will need VISA and most important YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION. It is possible to obtain visa at the airport on arrival day for $50 per person except for CANADA and US CITIZENS who pay $100 per person.

You can get Tanzania VISA in your home country if you are able to locate the Tanzania Embassy (high commission) office but if you cannot find the Visa you will get on arrival day in Tanzania. At the airport there are two lines, the one for people with VISA and the other for people needing VISA. There is no any complication to obtain the visa at the airport, you just pay and go, you will have to pay in cash $100.00 being Canada and US citizens or $50 None Canada and Us citizens.


If you are not vaccinated yet for the last 10 years please get vaccinated and bring certificate with you. It is possible to get vaccinated in the airport as you obtain VISA but we recommend you vaccinate at least 10 days before travelling since some people may experience problems with their bodies after vaccination like headache, general body weakness, mild fever, soreness, allergic reaction which could potentially be life-threatening, neurological reaction characterized by high fever, confusion, problems speaking, which can go on to cause coma and multi-organ failure after the vaccination especially for people over the age of 60.

Please take note that you will not be allowed to enter the country if you are not vaccinated. The passengers arrive in Tanzania without such accreditation, will be vaccinated by the authorized airport health Unit or returned to the country where they came from by the airline that carried them here. The vaccine will be charged 40USD/ dose in any airport of entry.

The governmental authorities in Tanzania are taking these measures to reduce the possibility of someone who has been infected in their home country of bring the disease here.

All passengers and members of crew who while in transit through an airport situated in an area with risk of yellow fever transmission, remained within the airport premises during the period of their entire stay will not be considered as coming from the high risk countries and thus not vaccinated. While who stay in transit form more than 12hrs should be vaccinated, so please double check your flight route correctly.

For the list of yellow fever endemic countries and other information on vaccination please visit:

We are available to answer any question you may have, please do let us know we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Just give us a call to  Call: +255764435444 or simply email us