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Safari Tours in Tanzania can be offered in luxury or budget accommodation on group or private departures on any day of your choice, the private Safari Tours in Tanzania have a guarantee departs on any day while group Safari Tours in Tanzania will be run in scheduled group on set dates, so the departure should be clearly confirmed by our office in Arusha before the client arrival, if the group has reached the limit the applying client can wait for the next open group or start his/her own group pending for people to join in. Our shared group departures are run in maximum of 2 people and minimum of 6 participants so that each is guaranteed a widow seat. Private group will be run in personal or family or friends travelling together where each is guaranteed a window seat in a private Land Cruiser modified to have pop up open roof for easy animal viewing.

Safari Tours in Tanzania

Due to Tanzania closeness to the equator, this region does not experience the extremes of winter and summer weather, but dry and wet seasons. Therefore, the best time to visit Tanzania tends to be the warmest and driest months. The primary issue is accessibility, some place in the wilderness are not accessible in wet seasons.

Tanzania Dry season – June to October conversation
There is virtually no rainfall during the whole winter and humidity is very low. When water becomes scarce wildlife will gather around known water springs.

June, July, August, September & October – Afternoon temperatures are usually between 20°C/68°F and 30°C/86°F and vary greatly according to altitude and location. Most days have a fine, clear sky and sunny weather. It cools off at night; be sure to pack warm clothing because morning game drives in open vehicles will be cold- especially in the northern parks. These are the coldest and least humid months and the most pleasant time of the year to visit the coastal areas. There is very little rain in most of the country.

Tanzania Wet Season – November to May
During most of the wet season, afternoon temperatures are more consistent throughout the country (a bit above or below 30°C/86°F) but will be colder above 1300m/4265ft. Morning temperatures are more moderate, but still cold in most northern parks due to the high altitude. It is advised to pack warm sweater for early morning game drives in open vehicles.

November & December – ‘Short rains’ – A period of about a month of short rains which occurs sometime between November and December. Its timing is unpredictable and in Northern Tanzania, can even happen in October. The rains will rarely interfere with your safari by waiting for the flooded rivers to go off.

January & February – The northern parks and coastal areas tend to have a break in the rainy season with less rain around this time, but the exact timing of the dry spell is unpredictable. The other parks don’t really experience a dry spell. In Selous, Ruaha and Mikumi the rain gradually builds from November to its peak in April. Gombe, Mahale and Katavi have one continuous wet season.

March, April & May – ‘Long rains’ – These are the wettest months. It tends to rain heavily almost every day, although not often for the whole day but nit best for Safari Tours in Tanzania. It is often cloudy, especially in the northern parks. Humidity tends to be high, especially in the hotter southern and western parks.

Safari Tours in Tanzania on group or private tours departure.