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There are 6 authorized Kilimanjaro routes-Kilimanjaro trekking routes up to the summit ranging from 5 to 9 hiking days, at Pole Pole Kilimanjaro, we offer Kilimanjaro treks on four customary routes as summarized below.Nevertheless, if you would like to trek on a different Kilimanjaro route apart from the below routes or you would like a tailored trek, please email us to or call/whatsap+255764435444 and we would love to work out and customize a tour for you.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing-Lemosho Route 9 Day Itinerary


Below is a summary of Kilimanjaro routes-Kilimanjaro trekking routes.

Machame Route

The Machame route is the second popular Kilimanjaro trekking route. With its integral acclimatization features trek high, sleep low and fabulous views all around, very few people would argue on the Machame route. Six days on Machame route should be enough for most climbers to reach the summit successfully, but there is an option for seven days for better acclimatization. Machame route has the best summit success rate. Total walking distance is 62 kilimeters.

Lemosho Route

The Lemosho route has become the busiest route on the mountain in latest days because of being the quietest and therefore a close favourite. The route begins on the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro, taking you though lush rainforest and across the the Shira Plateau. The descend on Lemosho route is through Mweka Gate. Total walking distance is 67 kilimeters, this is a longest possible route on Kilimanjaro. Lemosho route can be completed in 7 trekking days but can be done for 8 or 9 days for better acclimatization.

Umbwe – Western Breach Route

The Western breach route begins from the southern side of the Mount Kilimanjaro and goes straight to Umbwe Caves then continue up to Barranco then further on to Lava Tower, Arrow Glacier and finally to the crater rim where you will be walking on a level surface for the first time since you left your hotel room. The benefits of trekking on this route are the dramatic views, you will likely trek in loneliness, the Ash Pit and Crater are explorable and of course, the merits of having conquered Kilimanjaro hardest route.

Even though the Umbwe route is non-technical, the suggestion of the rapid ascent on this route certainly warrants prior acclimatization. Most trekkers on this route would trek Mt. Meru before tackling Kilimanjaro Umbwe route. Additionally, you will need a helmet, crampons and a decent budget for this trek if you plan to camp in the crater. Total distance is 45km. The descent is via Mweka Gate.

Rongai Route

The Rongai route is the shortest and enjoyable route to the summit. This is one of the few remaining routes on Kilimanjaro where you are likely to see wildlife and this is as a result of its closeness to Amboseli National Park in the bordering Kenya. You can expect to see buffalo, monkeys, civet, elephant, jackal etc on the way. The route begins in the northern side of the mountain and winds its way eastwards to the foot of Mawenzi Peak before joining trekkers from the Marangu Route at Kibo Hut. The descent is through Marangu route. Total distance is 73 Km.