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The Kilimanjaro climbing best time is during the warm months when no rains that is July, August, September and October. December and early January are the good months with few people on the mountain even though you may experience the day showers especial in the forest as you hike up, February and early March may be suitable for people with interest to Climb Kilimanjaro on the full moon as the skies become clear in the nights, but since Mount Kilimanjaro is near to Equator, this places do not experience the winter and summer times, instead Kilimanjaro only experience the dry and wet/rain seasons. So it possible that the Kilimanjaro climbing best timeĀ is throughout the year.

Kilimanjaro climbing best time

The equipment you will use on Kilimanjaro will differ from one month to another, there are some months when you will need quality sleeping bag which can accommodate the temperature of minus 10 degrees. If you will need to buy the Mountain equipment we recommend REI for best and quality gears, you can to visit their website by clicking here rei and navigate through their website.

You do not need to spend hours thinking on what is the nest time to climb Kilimanjaro! we are here to provide you with accurate information on the best route, best time and other useful information including the equipment you will need on Kilimanjaro during your climb. Please email us to or simply give us a Call: +255764435444, we will be happy to urgently reply to your query with preciseĀ information.

Most of our Kilimanjaro climbs are extended to either 3 to 4 days safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater or few days in Zanzibar to relax in the best white sands beach in Indian Ocean. This is just to give you idea on how you can start to plan your successful treks but when we get your precise dates and schedule we will for sure have something better to advise you.

Kilimanjaro climbing best time.