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7 day Machame route full moon summit via Pole Pole Kilimanjaro, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route – chose the full moon summit because the moon is a powerful and beautiful energy

Several different reasons to chose the Machame route for Kilimanjaro trekking.

7 day Machame route full moon summit
First- the Machame route is known to be the most beautiful route – you can see the best sunsets and see mt. Meru in the distance. Being on the east side of the mountain allows you to see Mawenzi Peak and of course you see the most amazing sunrise on summit night.

Second – The Machame route allows you to acclimatize better. If you did your research then you know about the “climb high, sleep low”. On Day 3 trekking you climb up to Lava Tower, then descend to camp for overnight and on day 4 – you climb up the Barranco Wall then descend again back to camp

Third – the Barranco Wall. Anyone who likes rock scramble should agree with us for the this reason.

Fourth – the trek between Lava Tower and Barranco Wal l- the Giant Senecio trees are amazing

Fifth – We would also advice to climb the 7 day Machame versus the 6 day- because of the extra stop at Karanga camp, after you climb the barranco wall and trek several miles up and down a few valleys like Karanga Valley, you will want to stop at Karanga to rest for the night instead of continuing several miles more to Barafu. Also Karanga camp is to me the most beautiful camp. The views at sunset and also in the morning are spectacular!.

Pole- Pole! Go at your own pace. There will be people faster than you and there will be people slower than you. Bottom line- you all make it to the same camp. People adjust to the altitude differently. Hiking Kilimanjaro isn’t a race. You should enjoy the trek, the different climates you go through, the plants, the flowers, the views. Stop and take pictures. Stop for small breaks when you have to. Stop to use the bathroom when you see a good spot. Stop and drink you water.

Also say hello/ be friendly to other people! On your entire trek you will see the same people on the trail. Get a camera that is freeze proof. You can buy an Olympus T2 camera and have great pictures even at the top.